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Casino Malta Poker


To begin the game you should make your initial bet by placing chips in the first box (ANTE). 

You can play on up to four boxes at the same time. When playing on several boxes you are only allowed to see one hand and the others will remain blind. In the case of blind hands both bets – ANTE and BET – have to be made before the cards are dealt. 

The BET equals double the ANTE bet. The dealer will deal five cards to each player and for the dealer. The cards will be dealt face-down to the Players, while the last (fifth) card for the dealer will be face-up. 

In the case of an open hand after all cards have been dealt the player has the option of buying a sixth card or change 1 to 5 cards for a fee equaling the ANTE bet. Then you must consider your cards and decide whether you double your initial bet (by placing chips on the BET box) and continue to play or fold to surrender, losing the ANTE bet.

The Game
In case you have a hand with a Three of a Kind or a stronger combination you have the option of taking insurance for your game in case the dealer has no game. The minimum insurance bet equals the ANTE bet; the maximum equals half of the pay-out for the combination. In case you have two combinations at the same time you can take insurance for both combinations. For that, your first combination needs to be at least a Three of a Kind or higher. Once the dealer has no game, the insurance bet is paid 1 to 1. The insurance is lost if the dealer has a game.