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Poker Club

Sports Bar

Casino Malta

You can find more experiences than just slot machines and tables in Casino Malta. While visiting us, you will be greeted by the pleasant atmosphere, gorgeous decorations, comfortable lounges and bars, where you can find your favourite drinks and marvellous cocktails – World-call Entertainment Awaits You

Casino Malta Bar

Malta’s number one casino is also home for distinctive drinks, served in our own original and unique way!

Renowned for being the largest bar of the island with his 15 meter long full stock bar, Casino Malta Bar offers exclusive events with an amazing atmosphere for all our guests.

Our Campaigns

Casino Malta isn’t just a casino. It is a glamorous entertainment venue that combines an unforgettable live game and slot experience, gripping sports events, and thrill-seeking guests.

Casino Malta Club Cards

The Casino Malta club card is much more than just a regular loyalty card. As a holder of our club card, you can enjoy splendid benefits and special offers both at our bars and within various campaigns. In addition to this, you can earn POINTS with our card.