Ultimate Texas Hold'Em Poker

About Game

In poker, your aim is to get a hand with a card combination that is stronger than the dealer’s hand.

The difference of this game is that five cards are placed on the table and these so-called “community” cards are used to form combinations by you and by the dealer.

There are also two face-down cards on the table, thus you can play with seven cards and choose the highest combination of five cards.

The Game

To start the game you should place equal bets on the ANTE and BLIND boxes.

You can play on up to six boxes at the same time.

When playing on several boxes you are only allowed to see one hand and the others will remain blind. In the case of blind hands, you must make equal bets on the ANTE AND BLIND boxes before the cards are dealt, and in addition to those you should place a bet equalling up to four times the amount on the PLAY box. The dealer will deal two face-down cards to all players and for the dealer.

After you have looked at your cards there is the first betting round when you have the opportunity of placing a bet equalling three or four times the ANTE bet on the PLAY box. Upon making this choice your hand counts as decided.

You also have the option of not making a bet, but “check”.

Then the dealer will open the first three community cards on the table. This is followed by the second betting round where you can place a double ANTE bet on the PLAY box.

You also have the option of not making a bet, but “check”.

Then the dealer will open the remaining two community cards. This is followed by the third betting round where you can place a single ANTE bet on the PLAY box or surrender your hand (“fold”).

In that case, you lose your ANTE and BLIND bets.

Game details

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Add pictures of poker combinations, except Ace/King.

Dealer’s minimum combination is a pair of twos.

If your hand is higher than the dealer’s the pay-out is made according to the pay-out table.

When the dealer has no pair, your highest card is compared to the dealer’s. In that case, the ANTE bet will not be changed (it will be a “tie”). If your hand is lower, then the BLIND AND PLAY bets are lost.

In case you have a stronger hand the PLAY bet is paid and the BLIND bet will tie, except in case you hold a Straight or higher combination. In that case, the BLIND bet is paid according to the payout table.


Pay-out table

When your combination is stronger than dealer's one, then the pay-out is as follows:


ANTE and PLAY bets are always paid 1 to 1


BLIND bets are paid as follows:

  • Royal Flush 500 to 1
  • Straight Flush 50 to 1
  • Four of a Kind 10 to 1
  • Full House 3 to 1
  • Flush 3 to 2
  • Straight 1 to 1



TRIPS bet is a separate additional bet that can be placed optionally before the cards are dealt.


TRIPS bet is paid according to the pay-out table whether the dealer has a combination or not.


Pay-out table of TRIPS bet:

Royal Flush 50 to 1

Straight Flush 40 to 1

Four of a Kind 30 to 1

Full House 8 to 1

Flush 7 to 1

Straight 4 to 1

Three of a Kind 3 to 1



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