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Free services for our clients

Casino Malta is providing a wide range of free services, that are available to all of our visitors.

These free services include:

  • One welcome drink for the first visit to our Casino (more than 10 different drinks to select from)
  • Parking in Eden area for 5 hours or at Baystreet parking for 24 hours, for all players who participate in any kind of table games, slot games or sportsbetting.  Visitors of age 60 and above are not limited by the 5 hours period at Eden parking.
  • Transport at the following dates and times:

                    - Friday:  Pickup at 19:30 / Drop off at 01:00am

                    - Saturday: Pickup at 19:30 / Drop off at 01:00am

                   - Sunday: Pickup at 16:00 / Drop off at 11:00pm