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BIRTHDAY BASH winners take home €4,000!

Posted on 26. December 2016

BIRTHDAY BASH winners take home €4,000!

Casino Malta's BIRTHDAY BASH screams success!

Live music by DJ Alessia De Martino. The sound of sloth machines raining coins. Dice being rolled on the game tables. 4.000euro in cash ready to be collected. The faces of the eager Casino Malta clients ready to try their luck at one of our 5 prizes drawn, after a 6 week long campaign: Birthday Bash. All this pointed towards a successful and friendly evening!

The lucky winners drawn 1st and 2nd were awarded €500 and the 3rd, 4th and 5th winner received a lovely €1,000 cash each! But how exactly did they get to form part of this final draw? Our lovely guests had the opportunity to play as they do usually both at the slots, as well as the table games. For every specific amount of turnover, they could receive tickets for the daily draws, which included a variety of prizes worthing 1.000euro every day.

The total amount of the awards were 35.000euro!

You can visit the photo gallery of that night here.