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Slot Games

Starting the game

When you have selected the slot machine you prefer, place a bet by inserting cash or an EZ Pay™ ticket. Coins can be exchanged at the casino cashier's. If you like the casino staff can help you find a slot machine with a suitable game and level of bets.

The game starts with placing a bet. The nominal (the unit value of a bet) is posted at the top of the slot machine. Multi denominational slot machines allow the player select the nominal bet.

Bets are placed using the buttons BET ONE CREDIT (enables to raise the bet by 1 unit) or BET MAX (maximum bet) on the slot machine panel or screen. Depending on the game type, bigger bets will either increase the winnings or add new winning opportunities. After the bet is made, start the game by pushing the button START, DEAL, PLAY… PER LINE or BET. In addition to buttons the newest slot machines can also be equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, allowing the player control all functions on screen.

Game assortment

In Casino Malta by Olympic Casino you can try your luck on modern, attractive and fun slot machines. Nowadays slot machines are convenient to play, have amazing imaginative graphics and remarkable stereo sound, they are marvellously executed and extremely accurate in operation. The slot machines in the casino are made by the top manufacturers of the world such as IGT, Spielo, Bally, WMS Gaming, Aristocrat and Novomatic.


The table of a game's wins is displayed either on the screen of the slot machine or can be viewed by a menu selection. In the case of a win the sum is usually added to the game's credit and displayed at the line WIN (sum of winnings). The accumulated sum of winnings or the credit can be withdrawn by pushing the button CASH OUT or COLLECT. Depending on the type of slot machine the winnings will be paid out as an EZ Pay™ ticket or cashed in at the cashier's.

Additional winning opportunities

In addition to regular game wins Casino Malta by Olympic Casino is providing various additional winning opportunities. There are signs posted next to each slot machine, showing which Jackpot systems you can take part in by playing that particular machine.



All Casino Malta by Olympic Casino slot machines are linked to the Mystery Jackpot Cash Marathon system and a small part of each bet is directed to that winning account. The increasing jackpot sum can be monitored real-time on the Mystery Jackpot Cash Marathon display in the casino and on our website. Every player has a chance to win the jackpot by playing any slots machine and with any size of bet. Mystery Jackpot is triggered with a random placed bet – thus with luck on your side you can win it with your first minimum bet! Winnings are announced with a triumphant ringing of bells and a message on the display. After the win the Mystery Jackpot Cash Maraton will immediately restart accumulating, to surprise the next lucky winner with a hefty pay-out, and besides Mystery Jackpot Cash Maraton will restart not from zero but from 1000 euros .

Multi-level jackpot systems

In our casino we are offering our players an additional jackpot system. These systems have many levels and many different sums of winnings. A certain percentage of all bets placed on the slots machines linked to the system is deposited on each level and the accumulation of the winnings can be monitored real-time on the displays posted above these slots machines.

In addition

... you have the option of joining our Bonus Club, which is the world's best bonus program. We are awarding the client card holders with bonus points throughout every game. These bonus points can be cashed in 24/7 and they can also be used to take part in draws for special prizes. Ask our staff for an application to get a client card.

…naturally we are also organizing our own tournaments and special offers. You can get information about these from our staff and on our 24/7 information line 23 710 555.

They say that luck is blind. But you must try it to get lucky.
Good luck!